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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lonely night #1

Hello World,

I'm back, again. The reason why I started to update again bcs recently I feel lonely. Yeap, lonely. I miss him, a lot. I've tried to forget about him but failed. I don't know what to do anymore, I just miss him too much, it hurts. Cry every night, cry every time I see his name on recent updates or Twitter. He seems fine without me while I'm here, crying till my eyes hurt. Only God knows how much I love him and miss him. Why I just can't fucking move on? When I knew about Yuza likes someone else, I was torn into pieces, I was speechless. He forgot about me, in 15 days? That fast? I've been crying since the day we broke up. I know I'm the one who left him and yes I regret it. One wish, if I only had one wish, I would wish for you. Be mine again, and I'll try not to disappoint you.  Impossible is it? Same night, same routine. I'm getting tired of it but I still can't let you go. I'm sorry, I love you.

One wish; Be mine again?

Broken-hearted girl. 

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