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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy night #1

Hello world, 

Hello December, we meet again. Last night was 30th, and Happy 3rd Anniversary to me, lol. Haha I know I should be crying last night but guess what? I did cried last night BUT not bcs of him. Maybe, I've moved on already or new crush? I never felt this before, dang I'm so proud of myself. Oh, last night Wan Rakin bbm-ed me, he said that Arif Splash said hi to me, I was like OMG FOR REAL?! ASDFGHKL I'M SO HAPPY! That's mean, he thought about me, that's why he said hi. Hihih, new crush alert, jengjengjeng. And after he finish his SPM, we're going out to catch a movie. Hopefully, Breaking Dawn! I've nothing to say anymore, just want to let you know Yuza. I've moved on for good, you're so not worth it. I was blind back then, I never saw your true colour. Boy, I'm not coming back, peace. 

A happy girl. 

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