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Monday, November 28, 2011

Lonely day #3

Hello world, 

Last night was fucked up! Had fight with Danial and others 96's but thank God it's over. Then Yuza had a fight with Aifaa, I was trying to calm him down but he said some harsh words to me, I can't even. I don't know why I'm not even mad at him. It's like I see the different yuza here, what happened to Yuza that I know? Yuza Dannial Affiq, he's a guy who have manners, he's kind, nice, and sweet. This is so frustrating, I swear. And tomorrow gonna be the saddest day for me, why? Bcs it's 30th Nov. It's our 3rd Anniversary, do you remember? Please say you do, please? You know what? I'll be the happiest person alive if you'd ask me to be your girlfriend tomorrow, omg how I wish. Hmm I don't ask much from you, I just don't want you ever forget about me. Remember those sweet moments we had together? I miss everything. I'm gonna list it. 

Moments I can never forget,

  • The way you treated me like a princess
  • Our first kiss at Taman A
  • Our first hug in front of smktm
  • Our first date at wwm, we watched Cars 2
  • The way you hold my hands 
  • You kissed my forehead and my neck
  • Pavilion and swimming at Istana Hotel.
  • I played with your hair and nose. 
  • You said you wanted to buy me a white rabbit 
See sayang? I'll cherish it. I love you. 

One wish ; Be mine again? 

Broken-Hearted Girl

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